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Issue 1 – November, 2006

Editor’s Column

An introduction to the first NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning

John (Jeff) Scroggin, J.D., LL.M., AEP, Editor
Phone: 770-640-1101

Welcome to the First Edition of the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils Journal of Estate & Tax Planning. The Journal is a unique project of the NAEPC designed to provide additional benefit and value to the individual members of Estate Planning Councils around the United States. With over 28,000 members in the NAEPC, the Journal will be the broadest circulation estate planning publication in the country.

Our goal is to use the Journal to provide the members of Estate Planning Councils around the country with quality articles that increase their understanding of estate and tax planning. Our goals include:

  • Providing Valuable Information to the Four Disciplines of Estate Planning;
  • Serving as a Portal by which Materials that have appeared in other Discipline’s forums (e.g., publications, meetings, reports) are available to All our Members;
  • Adding Value to NAEPC Membership;
  • Serving as a Research Source (as material accumulates) for Members; and
  • Serving as an “Outside the Box” Resource of ideas.

The Journal will be totally an internet publication, which gives us incredible flexibility in the material we can provide to our members. For example, the size of the article does not matter. While many paper publications require articles of a certain size, we do not care how long or how short the article may be.

Unlike most other publications we don’t care about carrying reprints because many of our members have never seen the materials in other disciplines. For example, a speech outline from an AICPA meeting can be valuable to an attorney.

We are not limited by pictures, charts, PowerPoint usage or other paper limits – if it is digital, we can use it! Unlike commercial publications, we are fundamentally focused on educating our members, not selling a product.

We intend to publish semi-annually until January of 2008, when we will move to a quarterly publication. Over time, we intend to publish as materials come available.

Do you have an article you would like to publish? Have you seen an article, study, presentation outline, PowerPoint program or other material which you believe would be of interest to other members of the estate planning profession? Submit a copy to me and we will consider publishing it. Publication in the Journal offers exposure to over 28,000 estate planners.