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A Goodbye and Thank You to One of NAEPC’s Greats

Susan P. Rounds, JD, CPA, LL.M. (taxation), AEP®, TEP

Michael W. Halloran, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP, WMCP, AEP® (Distinguished): A Master Among Us

This issue of the Journal of Estate and Tax Planning is dedicated to NAEPC past president and Estate Planning Hall of Fame member, Mike Halloran.   In his honor, you will notice a heavy emphasis on life insurance.  Mike was a true leader, and thankfully so, because he served as president of NAEPC at a very interesting time – 2010.  2010, the “year that was”, or rather “the year that wasn’t” as far as the estate tax goes.  Uncertainty prevailed and swirled through the estate planning community during this time.  How to think through the implications of this and what would come in the wake of yet to be determined new developments?  What to tell clients?  How to plan for clients?  What would happen to the profession going forward?  Mike lead us through that tumultuous year and left his imprimatur on the NAEPC that was to be in the years following.

You can’t be a leader without a philosophy and Mike exemplified his philosophy in word and deed.  “Mike goes all-in” was a common refrain from friends and colleagues.  And, yes, Mike was undeniably “all-in” in every aspect of his life – his profession, his family, his faith and even his hobbies – dedicating his time and energy with focused intent.  Those of you who knew Mike were probably aware that he was a runner.  Legend has it that he ran every single day for 14,076 days.  He was married to his lovely wife, Sue, for 48 years and they raised 5 children who blessed them with 10 grandchildren.  Mike went to church every Sunday, only missing twice!  One was due to severe illness, the other due to a hurricane.

Mike excelled in his chosen profession in the insurance industry, as evidenced by his credentials, his leadership positions and his awards.  An agent for Northwest Mutual for 50 years, Mike helped clients create a sound financial future.  He taught courses in financial planning and risk management at the University of North Florida.

Mike committed himself to NAEPC through committee work and as a board member and then worked his way through the position of Treasurer, Secretary and ultimately President.  In 2015, he was inducted into the NAEPC Hall of Fame in recognition of his leadership and excellence as an elite estate planning professional.

The word “first” often comes up when people talk about Mike.  Warm and humble, people remember Mike and Sue as the first to come up and greet them in the church and the earliest to arrive, usually a good half hour before services.  A thought leader and a trailblazer, Mike recognized the importance of becoming an Accredited Estate Planner (AEP®) early on – way back in 1992 when he became the 57th individual in the country to hold the AEP® certificate.

Always generous with his knowledge and his caring and dedicated approach, he has left his mark on the estate planning community, clients, and colleagues.  Family and friends were blessed to have him in their lives.  For all of these things and more, we are grateful to Mike for his contributions and he will be remembered fondly and often.

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