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Issue 39 – February, 2022

Welcome Letter from the Newly Elected NAEPC President

Julie A. Buschman, CPA, AEP®, CAP®
Northern Trust
Dallas, TX

Welcome to our first issue of the NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning during 2022!

It is our organization’s mission to support all professionals within the multi-disciplinary profession of estate planning.  As my term of president begins, we remain committed to delivering on this mission by continuing to provide members with current and relevant information through articles, webinars, and programs prepared by thought leadership throughout our country.

This year we hope to strengthen the relationship with our members and welcome the opportunity to publish your work in this publication.  Please contact the Journal’s editor if you are interested in being included in an upcoming issue.  We also want to hear from you. Please don’t be shy about sharing your feedback and ideas with us throughout the year.

As I think about 2022, I can’t help but acknowledge that our practice needs to continue to evolve with the challenges we and our clients have experienced in recent years.  It is incredibly important that we maintain a high-level of technical expertise and provide wise advice that supports our clients’ current and legacy goals. The publications within this, prior, and upcoming issues of the Journal are sure to help in this regard.

The past two years have impacted not only the way we conduct our business, including communication methods, but how we help our clients identify what is truly important and necessary in their planning. Although traditional planning ideas will always be a part of our conversations, now is the time to dig a bit deeper into identifying what our clients really find important, what isn’t replaceable, and perhaps how their measurement of success and their values have changed.

We are all reading about “The Great Resignation,” the higher-than-normal rate at which American workers are exiting their jobs and professions. I anticipate some of you are pondering changes related to life style, priorities, and future plans as well. What impact does this have on how we think about our own professional passions? Is the way we deliver services to our clients changing as a result?

I look forward to being an active participant in the evolution of how we advise and plan for our clients.   As a practicing fiduciary specialist, I am personally excited for the opportunity to cultivate deeper and more meaningful conversations with one another, within collaborative teams, and with our clients.

Let’s continue to learn, grow, and serve together.

Yours in service,