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Issue 40 – August, 2022

Editor’s Note

Noticeable Changes Underway

Eido M. Walny, Atty, AEP®, EPLS
Walny Legal Group LLC
Milwaukee, WI

I hope this note finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying the summer of 2022.

I am Eido Walny, the editor-in-chief of the NAEPC Journal. I am extremely pleased to present to you the August edition of the Journal. Back in February, I told you about a lot of changes that were in the offing for the Journal and this edition is the first fruit of that effort. Our work is not done, but we have made some incredible strides forward – some things you might notice and somethings you are less likely to be aware of.

In February, I promised to bring more original content to the NAEPC Journal. My goal is for this Journal to be a more valuable resource for our readers and less of an aggregation station. Many of our peers publish fantastic work and great news updates. Occasionally, we may even share some of those with you still. But you will notice that the July issue of the NAEPC contains roughly 75% new, original content. I hope you enjoy the articles and learn a thing or two from them because you won’t get them anywhere else.

Effort was also made to diversify the subjects we cover. I know that our readers cover a range of professionals across the estate planning spectrum. I want everyone to find a reason to read our Journal and get a bit of knowledge out of it.

Lastly, I also told you in February that I was re-organizing the staffing at the Journal. It was my first order of business after the February issue went out. While still a work in process, the reorganization has exceeded my expectations. We now have editors at different levels and staff that solicit content. The internal diversification of opinions and viewpoints has already resulted in better content for the Journal.

But our work is not done – not even close. So I want to renew my two requests from February:

First, if ever the Journal does not meet your expectations, or if you think we could do something better, please let me know. The goal of this Journal is to provide value to our readers. Anything we can do to enhance your experience is something I want to know about.

Second, if you are an author or aspire to be an author, consider the NAEPC Journal for publication. It does not matter whether you have a polished article, a rough draft, or a glimmer of an idea, our staff is here to support you. We can provide a home for your writing, help you edit, or connect you with experienced authors who can help show you the ropes.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the NAEPC Journal.

Email me at with your comments and suggestions.