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Issue 41 – January, 2023

A Tribute to Steve Leimberg

NAEPC and the estate planning community lost a giant in December. I first met Steve Leimberg in Atlanta in 1977.  He was a professor at the American College of Financial Services. I was a young attorney teaching students who were trying to secure a CLU designation. What I did not know at the time was that a friendship would be developed that would last 45 years. I provided so little to our relationship. He provided much to me. He was my friend. He rippled my pond.

In 1984 Steve, with Bob LeClair, created Number Cruncher. Leimberg Information Services (LISI) was created in 2000. Both changed the estate planning world. The last words of every LISI article read: “Hope this helps you and others make a positive difference.” That statement applies to Steve’s life. He made a positive difference in our lives.

But Steve was so much more. He was a sailor – sailing across the Atlantic to the U.S. from France. He was an artist, photographer, author, professor, orator, philanthropist, environmentalist and much more. I could go on for pages. But most of all Steve was a friend and mentor to many of us in the estate planning community. He was a dear friend to The National Association of Estate Planners and Councils. He gave the NAEPC and its members so much of himself.

We will miss Steve, but through Number Cruncher, LISI and all he gave so many of us he will be with us for years to come. He rippled our ponds.

A. Stephen McDaniel, JD, EPLS, AEP® (Distinguished)
Past President, NAEPC (2004)
Certified Estate Planning Specialist
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